Bugs in community search results

I saw a 2 main problems in the community, mostly in search & its results.

1 - when I search something, write a word to find similar results, and after I want to change the text with another one just by clicking a text to select it and write new one, it doesn’t work!

  1. when I see results in the community search and make a preview one of the them, after coming back to results, I see only first three items. other results are lost !

1 - When in Community search page, if you click on one of the results, and click the “go back” button, in (the ones I tested) Chrome and Edge navigator, it only renders the first 3 results of the previous search.

2 .Is anyone else experiencing this?

3 - Maybe it has something to do with the local api request that sets onlythe first 3 results, and when going back, does not call the api again.

Same here. Initial search shows all results. But when I click on a search result and hit the back button, I only see 3 results. I’m using the latest Figma app for Mac.

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