BUG: Serious bug when undoing a Paste Over Selection

1. Describe the bug/issue you’re running into?
If you use Paste over selection, and then undo it, it won’t really undo it but you can’t see it until you reload the file, or watch it in Presentation mode

2. Are you able to consistently reproduce it? If so what are the steps?
Copy an object
Use “Paste over selection” on another object
Press undo
It seems it worked.

If you now close and reload the file, the “undoed” object will be still there
Another way to easily test it, is to use Presentation mode on the frame with the pasted over object, cause it will correctly show the not undo-ed state.

4. Is the issue only happening in desktop app or a specific browser , or both?

5. What OS/version and/or browser/version are you using?
Win 10, Desktop app and Chrome

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