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Bug: renaming nested color style folders automatically assigns the wrong name on click

  1. When you click the title of a color style folder to edit it, it’s immediately reassigned to an incorrect string. It looks to me like an off-by-one error — it’s grabbing the title of another folder that’s either one off the current folder title, or a recently deleted folder title that might still be in memory in that index.

See recording here:


Also, why isn’t there a “bug” tag or category? There are bug categories for the Plugin API, Figjam beta, but can’t figure out how to report a bug in the core product.

Hi @Barron_Webster, bugs should be reported by clicking the question mark at the bottom right of the editor or using this link: Submit a request – Figma Help Center

Thanks for the clarification. I did report this through the question mark at the bottom, through “Submit feedback.” Submitting a bug, for me, matches the mental model of “Submit feedback” more than “Submit a request”. I would recommend considering cleaning up your feedback/bug/support/request intake language if you value easy reporting of bugs.

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