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Bug: Multi prototype not working

Multiple prototype on left sidebar not working for me. Whatever I click stays on the flow 1

Tested on Win(App), Win (Chrome)

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Try reloading the presentation tab.

Tried several times not working…
When I click the different flows the navigation works but it doesn’t change the starting point.
So currently it serves only as a documentation/notes sidebar about the flow with no particular functionality…

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I don’t have such a problem. Tested in Figma Beta and Google Chrome.

Can you share a link to the file?

It’s getting weirder. On a new file with few screens, it works; but on an old large complex flow with many screens with interactions, transitions etc. is not working.
Tried if there was a problem with page numbers (no luck).

Hello there!
I would like to report a little bug i found on the new Flow Feature. Or maybe it is me who didn’t get it right.

Point is that if i set some different flows, (each linked to a frame) Once i am in prototype mode clicking every flow link won’t take me to the desired frame

Instead i have to click a flow link, and press R to refresh the view. Then it already shows the selected flow.

Does anyone else encountered this?

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Have you tried restarting the Figma app? If you restarted the whole app and the issue persists, you can report a bug to Figma support team via the bug report form.

Wow, @Jairo yes that works. Counterintuitive though – but it works.

So the flow is:
A: On the sidebar click Flow 1 → Press “R” → Flow 1 prototype launched
B: On the sidebar click Flow 2 → Press “R” → Flow 2 prototype launched

I guess you have starting frame of Flow 2 included in Flow 1

@Alex_Prime That’s true! Aha! so this is the issue. They are not distinct prototypes… Hmmm…

Yeah this should be resolved for sure. I have 99 frames that are all linked across two different workflows, and they all collide at some point or another. Hitting R after selecting in presentation mode does work as @Jairo suggested. This is after restarting the figma app on windows multiple times, and testing in Chrome.

Thank you guys for looking into it :slight_smile:

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Same thing here, only working using R, i think is not big deal to correct this. Mostly of complex prototypes will need this auto reload after select a new starting point.

Same here. It may not be very intuitive and may come across as a bug. I also notice that the frame pagination <1/11> will actually change as you tap on the different flows. It seems to indicate that it tried to change to that frame, but for some reason the device isn’t showing the right screen until you press “R” to restart.

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