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Bug: Figma Embed Default Zoom Level

We utilise Figma live embeds to document our view and flow designs in Confluence, It has been noted that at some point in the last week or so the way that these embeds are rendered on load has changed.

The flows especially we “group” as frames in Figma before sharing so that the embed displays as an overview of the whole flow when viewed in Confluence.

Previously the Figma frame would be zoomed out within the embed appropriately scaled so in effect the user would see the whole content of the frame selected. It now appears to zoom in at a fixed level.

No changes have been made on our side with regards to the implementation on Confluence so i assume this is a product change on Figmas side? Please let me know if this is an intentional change, a bug or is there a process to set the zoom level back to how it was?



:warning: Note from moderator

Please report a bug to Figma support team via the bug report form.


Same problem on our end, tested in multiple browsers and has basically broken our UI/UX documentation on Confluence when it comes to checking things at a glance. Some embeds seem to have broken completely, only displaying the page/file background colour in the embed but still linking to the correct frame in Figma.


We are having the same issue from our side as well. All Confluence documentation we use for our design system that has Figma embedded files are zoomed in a way we can see only a piece of the frame that we had selected to previously show all in the screen. :frowning:


Facing the same issue here with Notion embed components. Zoom seems to be reseted to a kind of default value, messing up our whole documentation :confused:

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We’re having the same issue here. It looks like everything is getting zoomed to 100%. So frames that are 1080 wide are being zoomed to be 1080 wide in the embeds now. Very frustrating.


+1 for the same issue. Making it really difficult to show a group of screens for UX flows


Likewise. I can’t see how this is desired behaviour, so I’ve submitted a bug report via the floating help button in the bottom-right of the Figma view.


Please report a bug to Figma support team via the bug report form.

Same issue can be observed for my Guest Book on website.

+1, thought it was something I did in zeroheight. Bug reported.

+1 for this issue, experiencing the same problem when embedding in Confluence or Notion, the zoom level is set at 100%.

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Issue seems to be fixed now on my side.


Also now seeing the previous behaviour. Great to hear! :+1:


yeah! It got back to the previous behaviour too!! Yay!! ! :partying_face:

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