Bug: Deleted components shows up in component search

So I was searching for the component switch and I get this result

I didn’t recognize the dusk variant so I placed it on the board and clicked Go to main component. This took me to a “random” file and showed me this message:

From other posts I see that when a master component is deleted, the reference is not.
So it seems that when you search for a component, is searches any references as well.

So there are two things that breaks the user experience of using Figma:

  1. When you search for a component, it returns components outside enabled libraries for your project
  2. It shows deleted components

The first part has been addressed by users for a while now, but nothing is being done by Figma. Why? It is a real problem and the more projects we get, the bigger this problem becomes.

As for the second “bug”, this needs to be fixed. You can get hits in search on deleted components.

Please report bugs to Figma support team via the bug report form. This is the only way to get them seen by the Figma team.

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