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Bug? Components with unpublished changes will copy/paste as components, not instances

Saw a strange issue and think it may be a bug.

I noticed that if I copy/pasted certain components from my library file into a separate file, they would be pasted as components, not instances, as would typically happen.

After digging a bit it seemed to be related to these components having unpublished changes, which was indicated in the Design inspector. Once I published the changes, they copy/pasted as instances as usual.

It’s not a bug, I think it’s a single solution to a complex problem.

Imagine adding an element to your component. It’s not possible do add an element to an instance, you need to detach the instance and then you can edit such element. Therefore, when pasting an existing component into another file that doesn’t yet have access to the change, a new component has to be created.

You can, however, use the Assets tab and find your existing component from the shared library that has not been changed yet, and then the changes will be applied after you reload the published library.

It would be useful, however, if simple changes to styles didn’t create new components because those changes can always be applied to instances.

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Makes sense, thanks for your response.