Bug. Canvas moves to the left on it's own

Canvas moves to the left every minute when left without interaction. That drives me crazy

That would drive me crazy as well. Are you using the browser or desktop app?

Hey @Nikolay_Beznos,

We’ve flagged this thread to our teams to see if we can reproduce.

Again, is this happening both in browser and using the desktop app?

Yup, browser and Mac (Apple silicon). Thanks

I’m facing the same issue. It’s driving me nuts!

Thanks, @Nikolay_Beznos! Our team tried to reproduce the behavior on Chrome and Safari with no luck.

Are you able to share a link to the file and a screen recording?

Just experienced the same issue in the desktop app, can’t confirm if it happens in the browser as well. Will get a recording if I can but I think it will be hard. Unfortunately a link to the file is probably a no-go.

Sorry, I can’t share a file, but here’s a screen recording: figma bug

Oh, this is in Figma, and not FigJam as the category suggests. I assume this happens disregarding of which design file is open?

Yeah, sorry wrong category. Actually I have experienced this issue with files that I don’t have editing access to. It might be a coincidence, but it is worth checking.

Thanks for the screen recording & context, @Nikolay_Beznos!

We’ve passed this along to the team to see if they can reproduce, even without the file. No luck on Chrome & Safari so far.

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