BUG: Auto-Layout Adds 90 Degrees Rotation

Hi Guys,

I am currently experiencing an annoying - what seems to be a bug.
Whenever I add auto-layout, it adds a 90 degrees rotation. To the whole frame and to all the child objects.

I can’t wrap my head around this, it’s super annoying.
It happens every time in this file with auto-layout, even when not working with components or variants. Happens with ‘clean’ objects as well.

In the screen recording I tried to make it visible what I am experiencing. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Would love to hear some feedback or people who experienced the same thing!

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Most likely your frame “7” is rotated -90°.

Hi Noah,

I have the exact same problem right now. It came out of nowhere.
Did anybody find a solution for this issue by any chance?

Thank you!

Check the rotation property of an object and its parents.

Its all set to 0 degrees. I double checked many times. Just as soon as I apply Auto Layout, even to a just created rectangle, it automatically adds the the 90 degrees…

Could you share a link to the example file?

Thanks, Tank. I solved it now. There was a problem with the basic frames somehow. I had to create new ones an apply the design on them again. Hope the bug stays away now.
Thank you!

+1 • I am having the same issue.