Bug? A shared search-result page URL doesn't open in selected tab, but switches to first in row

When I do a search in Figma Community for plugins, and I want to share the results with others… I share the URL that is active for said plugins selected tab. While each tab has its own URL (see below), when you share them -and subsequently people open them- …they all reload to the main tab, the Files.

My search for ‘gradients’, and the link I want to share is

I assume ‘fuid(=num)’ stands for Figma User ID (and my own number), so I could remove that, and just link to https://www.figma.com/community/search?model_type=public_widgets&q=gradients …which works, even though when it opens, my own ID loads again, so it probably also loads for other users, when logged in.

Subsequently, all the URLs for the other tabs are (from last to first)

  • Widgets (model_type=public_widgets)
  • Creators (model_type=public_profiles)
  • Plugins (model_type=public_plugins)
  • Files (model_type=hub_files)

If I open the Widgets link, the site opens in that tab, but you see it automatically switch back to Creators, then to Plugins and then to Files.

This also applies to the others. Each of them returns to the Files tab.

Can this be resolved?
It would be easier to be able to share a tab of the results, than to have to tell users to switch to it, for the results they want.

This happens in all browsers. I tested it in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge.

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