[Bug] A couple bugs with the new sections in Figma

Love the new sections feature. Exactly what I needed to organize my designs.

I notice a few things that are probably bugs, or just oversights.

  • Moving the section with co-ordinates doesn’t move the contained frames
  • I can’t save the default styling of sections
  • Snapping to right-side edge doesn’t click when aligning

I’d like to add something:
When moving a frame into a section the order of the content inside the frame can not be changed. However, when removing the frame so that the content is a direct child of the section it can be moved again.
I made an example showcasing this here:

Is this intended?

One bug I found:
After having a section for a few days, some frames got the reverse-order layers and would not let me reorganize them. Moving a layer in a panel would just snap it back where it was.

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Yes, that is exactly what I am experiencing aswell.

Good to know about the order issue

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