Browser Inspect Mode

Sorry to link a competitor site but can figma do this in prototype view like Adobe XD, where you can see all the specs, images that are prototype, etc without login to the app?

also is there a free plug-in for password protection? i don’t believe that figma don’t have these options

Thank you all.

Without login? No.

Free password protection? No, but Crypto has a short duration where you can try the plugin for free:

If the user login to view your prototype in view mode only does it get the inspect option when viewing a prototype link? it seems like they don’t or can’t see more than one image at the time don’t have an option of a grid like xd unless i don’t know. thank you

Do you get the same options with login or view type inspect mode?

Figma doesn’t have a prototype inspect view like XD has.

In Figma, you have to give viewers access to the editor view, where they can inspect screens in the file. Viewers can hit “N” or “Shift-N” to navigate back and forth between frames.

How do you stop the developers changing or resizing components if they have access to the editor?