Browser got hanged and I lost my progress from 3 days

I am really surprise that there is no autosave feature in Figma, when u r working online in browser you are own ur own, I was looking for an image in google images when edge suddenly hangs and all my tabs were gone, also the Figma template that I was working for days, it didn’t have any save option in the front, got me to thinking everything is saved automatically, its a very primitive tool in that sense, text editing is super hard and also layouting is out of touch of modern context, long way to go.

Hey Manpreet, sorry for the trouble!

Figma does automatically save your work, both online and in offline mode. It saves your work every few minutes, so normally, you can rest assured that your work won’t be lost when something unexpected happens.

But by the timing of this topic, your issue was related to a service disruption we had yesterday: We have since pushed a fix, and your files should be autosaving as expected again.

The reason was I was using two browsers – Edge and Chrome. the issue is if you have worked in chrome and the go to edge it didn’t show ur progress.
I am now working with chrome only, that is working out fine for now.