Bring to front prototype interaction

Hello, I’m wondering if there is a way to bring to front a layer (layer order wise) when I’m adding interaction from a variant to another one?

I will try to explain myself a little bit more with context. I have a tiles grid and each tiles have different states (default, hovered, active, disabled…). The different tile states are covered with variants and I add at some point, interaction between a state to another state (basically, from the default to the hovered, I put a While hovering). Does it have a way to say to the interaction “While hovering, Change to variant xx and bring the component to front”? Why I’m asking that, it’s because my “Hovered” state is changing its color but also its size, meaning that in a mosaic grid, the tiles are overlaping each other, especially when one is in a “Hovered” state.

I tried many ways and didn’t found the solution yet. In For reference, in Axure, it’s the feature “Bring Dynamic Panel to Front”.