Branching should be available to Professional plans

The new Branching features available in Figma are fantastic and allow for so many different use cases, which is very exciting to me as a developer/designer. But it bothers me (and many others) that this feature is only available to those on Organization plans.

As a small business, a price increase of $33/editor each month just for this feature is steep. Yes, I realize there are many other features included with the Organization plan, but they aren’t things we really need right now.

I’m also concerned that keeping the Branching features behind the most expensive monthly plan is restrictive in many ways other than team size and budget. Imagine if GitHub or Bitbucket charged extra for branching of code repositories. That would just feel wrong. Of course version control is more established in development workflows than design workflows, where branching and versioning are still very new.

Obviously the Figma team has put a lot of effort into bringing Branching to users, which is a huge advantage for designers and design teams, while also making it easy to use. But when I think of Figma, I think of software that is changing the way we work as designers (for the better). If Branching is the next step in that change, why not make it available to as many of us as possible (not to mention all the additional feedback the Figma team would get)?


As a teacher, I would welcome this feature to be available in Education Teams.

We are seeing major changes in the way teams work across the design profession, and it’s important that our students practice the skills and workflows they will encounter in the future.

+1 for this

Alternatively the ability to add features to your current plan as an addon (£5 for X)