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Branching Beta access, no response


I requested access for Branching Beta two weeks ago and I got no response. I have since then resubmitted my application because this feature is quite important for our use-case and we need to evaluate if we want to commit to an external tool that does something similar.

In contrast, I was one of the first who applied for Variants Beta and my application got approved near instantly, whereas some others are still on the waiting list.
Therefore I wanted to ask if Branching (or any beta feature in that matter) has a reduced amount of testers in the first phase or if after a while there are no additional beta testers accepted?

Kind regards,

Hi Vic,

Can you DM me the email address you used when filling out the form? I’ll look into that right away for you. We’ve been adding folks in waves each week, so I can look into when you’ll be added (if you’re eligible (i.e., in an Org), it shouldn’t be long)

  • R.J.

Great. Thanks for the quick response.

I have the same issue. It’s been a couple of weeks since our team sent in a request. Who could I contact to?

I talked to the Figma sales guys, turns out this feature is going to be org-only, and if you want to test this feature you would have to request an Org-trial…and they only offer org-trials to a minimum of 10-users per paying account. :pensive:

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