Blocked account improve payment path

Dear Figma support, :raised_back_of_hand:

I’d like to suggest you improve your payment process when a user account is blocked for non-payment. :slight_smile:

Currently, in the event of non-payment of an invoice within the allotted time, you block the account and display only a dialog box that blocks the user and forces him to contact Figma support via a ticketing solution.

This process is frustrating, time-consuming and clearly a waste of time for both parties (Figma and customers).

Why not propose a forced payment form for the invoice concerned in the dialog box, so that the negligent customer can unlock the account ? :ok_hand:

You could also provide a button to contact support and generate a ticket. :+1:

This solution has the advantage of directly recovering the funds owed, avoiding a time-consuming and costly ticket for support, and quickly unblocking the situation for your customer !

I’m sharing this improvement with you because I personally encountered this problem today. I’m in France with an 8-hour time difference… I was forced to create a Figma support ticket when my company wanted to pay…

By exchange I found in my browser the payment window I had opened a month earlier.

and I was able to proceed with the payment without waiting for a reply from support… If I hadn’t done this, I would have waited several hours and lost time, and so would you.

Thank you again for your professionalism and dedication! :smiley:

Best regards, :hugs:

Fabrice PEREZ - Product DESIGNER

Hi Fabrice,

Thank you very much for your thorough feedback, and we apologize once more for any inconvenience caused. We agree that the billing process is crucial, as you pointed out. Your insights have been shared with our internal team to guide future improvements.

We’re truly grateful for your candid and valuable feedback!

Best regards,