Black screen and frame frames with no content inside

Hi all!

A few introductory notes:

  • I work from Russia;
  • PC: i5 10400f / 16 GB RAM / 2060 Super, 8 GB;
  • Figma on the free plan.

For about a month now I can’t work in the Figma client because the following happens when the file is launched:

  1. The design file is uploaded;

  2. A black screen is displayed after loading;

  3. If you start moving the mouse over the workspace, blue outlines of frames begin to appear;

  1. When you try to zoom in - the old frames remain in place, and the enlarged ones appear again when you hover over them with the mouse (screenshot);

  2. A couple of weeks ago, reloading the tab helped, but now it does not work even when reloading.

Working in the browser is very inconvenient and is also associated with some bugs (for example, a black background that itself appears on fonts with a black stroke).

Who faced this kind of black screen when starting figma? Can you tell me what can be done to prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there

    • Check outlines

Go to View > Outlines > and make sure it’s not enables

  1. Use a VPN connected to non sanctioned countries

  2. Reinstall the App

See if those helps.