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Beyond Design Applications for FigJam


I teach classes in the Communication Department, but I’m super interested in all things design. The past couple weeks, I’ve been experimenting with using Figma for application in my identity+society courses, my debate team, and my communication courses. The students LOVE it and I’ve got like a million ideas for how to keep spinning it out. I’d love to hear from folks who use FigJam for non-design applications!

Two things I’ve done that were really interesting:
1.I used the fishbone diagram template to visually represent a debate argument in a 1-on-1 coaching session. Who knew you could learn about feminist international relations using design software?

2.In my identity course, we used the post-its to brainstorm how we could build an inclusive campus and then used basic shape drawing to create a rough “prototype” of how this campus would be physically situated.

I’m still very clunky/new with it, but… it’s amazing and accessible and students are stoked. Easy to see a thousand ways this would be useful in various eduction/coaching contexts (forreal, someone should develop a like a football diagram… you could build playbooks easily!).

Would love to hear what other folks are doing!