Better reporting options

Hi! May you please make it so hitting the report resource button doesn’t just take you to the contact page, but is like any other report button? Meaning, I can just click it, and it’ll ask why I’m reporting, then I say why, and it sends a report to your moderation team. If you don’t have a moderation team, you have to get one… Also, there should be another button as explained, but this one should be for reporting the creator’s profile as a whole. The fact that it isn’t an option is insane!

@Matthew28 Sorry for any confusion, but when you do hit the “report resource” link on a community resource page, the form you fill out does ask that you provide details on why you are reporting it, and goes straight to our existing moderation team for review.

Additionally, when you report a resource, the creator profiles are reviewed as well as part of the entire process.

I hear what you’re saying on if you just want to report a profile in general. May not be what you’d ideally want to do at the moment, but you can just use the same form that triggers when you “report resource” and just include in your comments details on why you believe the creator is abusing the platform.

We’ll note your feedback the community team, and leave your topic open if others share the same sentiment, so they can give a +1

To add on, I also understand you’d like to see a more quick and convenient way to accomplish reporting, but at the moment, this is what is available.