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Better developer handoff tools

The developer handoff tools that figma provides aren’t sufficient for modern application development. The inspector essentially gives you computed values for most elements, which would be a maintenance nightmare from a development POV.

What I’d propose is a special “Annotations” layer that can turned on and off. In this annotations layer, you should be able to add notes that are anchored to a given element (similar to comments but with more specific anchoring). The notes should all be visible when the layer is turned on. Developers could then comment on a note to ask for clarification. The annotations toolbox should also include auto-sizing markup tools — like bounding boxes and distance barsAdditionally, the inspector, rather than showing computed values, should indicate style names and component names for the elements that are being used, and those names should link to the master style/component, which would also be annotated.

Zeplin does some of this well, but I think this should be a first party feature rather than a plugin.

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