Best way to provide dev team with snapshot of design

How can we best communicate the designs that we want as part of a sprint for the development team?

We typically keep designs 1-2 sprints ahead of what is implemented by the development teams, and we need to have a stable version for the engineers. Currently we use direct links to frames and/or pages contained by the Main branch to provide the engineers with the designs for user stories. Without using PDFs (because this has been tested and failed for this process), how do we link engineers to a static snapshot of the designs? Currently we link them to the Main file and hold any changes in branches until after the sprint is over, but this is a workaround. Please note that we cannot directly link to an older version of the designs.

Perhaps a good thought process would be to allow users to select between two types of links such as a dynamic link (“keep this link focused on the current design”), and a static link (“keep this link associated with the current version”).

Additionally, I know we can currently retrieve a link to the entire version which isn’t sufficient. If it’s a generic link, engineers have no idea what changed. We are looking to link to specific frames.