Best way to create a sub dropdown menu within an overlay that can swap overlays

I’m trying to create an interactive panel that slides in from the side. Within that panel there are 4 variations (Info 1,2,3,4) to navigate to each, there’s a drop-down menu.
I can create the interaction within the sliding panel that clicking on info 2 swaps overlay to show the info 2 overlay and so on, but as soon as I try to add a click-open overlay from a call to action the positioning becomes messed up. (Info 1 is placed correctly, but when I try to swap the overlay to show Info 2 it drops down 40px and so on for the other infos)
I thought maybe trying to create 4 variants but I can’t seem to figure out the dropdown function with the variant.

Does anyone have any idea how to sort this? Either forcing the right swap over position or create a variant that swap content from an overlay?