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Best practice for making all webpages have the same column/header layout?

I’m designing a website with, say, 5 pages. All five pages have the same layout (header, left column, right column, center main column… think Facebook). If I ever want to change this layout (e.g. resize the columns), I’d like to make this change once and have it cascade to all pages and not have to make the change separately for every page.

A. Is this possible?
B. What’s the best way to do this? (I tried to create a page template component with frames for each section, but I can’t modify the frames in the template instance to populate the frames with content. Below is an example of the component I’m talking about).

Yeah this would be a little tough to achieve. You could create a component for the layout but the component would need to contain a lot of information to allow for the instances to have all the necessary overrides. Curious though if anyone else here has a solution.

Yeah that’s just not feasible. I’ve got like 5 left columns with vastly different layouts. It’d be hard to have all of their overrides in one component.