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Best (and clearest!) explanation of Tables?


I’ve spent the morning looking for clear explanations on the best way to build tables in Figma and am only getting more confused!

This tutorial went SO Fast that I didn’t understand it:

Where is the best and clearest explanation of this?

I have a huge document that is FULL of tables that my client wants designed in Figma. (I normally work in InDesign)

I don’t have any good docs on this, but I just wanted to say that there is no really good way of making good tables in Figma, they are all kind of convoluted. But the basic things you probably need to understand are auto layout, constraints and components. Table Creator plugin might be helpful too:

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Thanks for that Gleb :pray: – I will check out the Table Creator plug in and review components and auto layout again.

Still, quite hard to believe that a core functionality such as Tables does not have an elegant, intuitive approach in Figma.

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