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Be able to add a variant to a component declared in another page

Let’s say you design a product with a big placeholder which is dependant on some feature. Think for example of an application which has a kind of shell with a working area inside.

The global application design with the work placeholder could be on a page about…that global design. And another Figma pages, you design the specifities of the work placeholder (feature 1, feature 2, etc).

The global design (the shell) could be a component, that would ease the design work, as the placeholder.

And in the feature 1 page, it would be fantastic if we could create a new variant of the placeholder component, this way specific to the feature 1. And so on for each feature and page.

And as Xmas is coming … :wink:

Thanks for sharing this feedback. :slight_smile:

PS Updated the title a tiny bit to make it more clear.

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