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Batch exporting all artbaords on all pages

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I wrote a complex design system and style guide in Figma and whenever I want to export the text part I need to go on every single Page, select the one and only artboard and manually export it. Doing this every time the design system/style guide has a major change is really hard. I have to manually go into 50+ Pages, select the Artboard, export the artboards and then manually have to merge 50+ Pages into one PDF. I need to export it to make it easier accessible to our developers and allow for continuous scroll. The design system/style guide is built in such a way, that I need to use different pages for the artbaords, because its really massive and that’s the only way to me to structure it well.

So… what I am asking for is: being able to automatically export all dartboards on all selected Pages. It would be ok if these were in different dartboards. Merging afterwards is not too much of a problem with some command line magic.

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This is the amount of Pages I have. They each have exactly one Artboard and then floating on the right side of one artboard the specified components and variants.

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I know it’s a highly specific problem but I think it could maybe be also an idea for a bigger feature set in the future. Like the ability to write Style Guides in Figma and make them accessible like a website right out of Figma. The goal at the end is to have something like or BUT always synced with the actual design system to have one single point of truth.

It just makes so much sense to have your style guide right where you define your components/variants, styles and more.

Thank you for reading my essay and I hope you understand my struggle! :slight_smile: