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“Back to Files” seems to be gonzo in the desktop app

Desktop App:

The inability for me to open an existing file while another existing file is open basically makes this app unusable to me.

“Back to files,” gotta have it.
I’m able to do this on the web app, but not the desktop app.

Web app…“Back to files."
Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 2.47.51 PM.png

Desktop app. No “Back to files.” : /
Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 2.47.10 PM.png

Why do you need this menu action? You have the home icon or you can press Cmd/Ctrl + O.

After using Figma’s browser-app for the first year and then plunking around with the desktop app, what I knew was there was a “Back to Files” clickable at the top of the browser-app’s menu, and in the desktop-app’s menu that clickable was gonzo!
Why take it away? (Which existed first, the browser-app or the desktop-app?)

What other blaring discrepancies exist between the two versions that have no apparent rhyme or reason that will cause me to question my own sanity? (Sorry for the snarky question, but you get my point. I’m often miffed by such UX oversights that leave me feeling gaslighted, wondering if it’s me that’s crazy or if the UX designer tasked with the project was hungover that day.)

Command+O. Is this a universal shortcut your UX designers assume all users know about, or is this an in-house Figma shortcut with its instructions buried somewhere in the Help Center?

I would assume that the difference between the browser and desktop app is due to browser limitations. In the browser you can’t always have the file manager open, unlike in the desktop app where this is a static tab that is always available from anywhere in the app. So there is no point in keeping the “back to files” button as it’s two extra clicks from simply switching the tab to “home”.

Command+O is a pretty common shortcut for opening files, at least on macOS almost any app that works with files has this shortcut to open a new file (usually opening the system file browser, but Figma doesn’t have it, so it opens its own file browser).