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"Back to Files" —can't open in a new tab via right click?

  • I want to open a new Figma file without leaving (i.e., closing) the one that I am on.
  • I want to open the new file in a new tab so I can flip between them.
  • Typically when using a browser, you can right click any link and select “open in a new tab” to accomplish this.
  • I’m not able to do that with the Figma “Back to files” link.
  • This causes me to have to open a new browser tab myself, go to and then navigate to my other files.

Did you disable the standard browser behavior?

You can Cmd/Ctrl + Click the back to files button to open it in the new tab (just like any other browser link).

Appreciate the response! Typically (even on Macs) CNTRL+click presents a menu of options (new tab, new window, etc.) and this is the behavior I’m talking about. CMD click immediately opens in new tab and that works, but CNRTL + click doesn’t present the typical menu.