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"Back" interaction does not work with interactive component

If navigation to current frame has been done by clicking on interactive component (e.g. button with hovering) Back button does not work


  1. Interactive button with hovering state → navigate by click to Frame 2
  2. Back button on Frame 2 → navigate by click to Frame 1

Steps to repeat

  1. Hover Navigate Button → Expected: Change state. Result: as expected
  2. Click on Navigate Button → Expected: Navigate to Frame 2. Result:as expected
  3. Click on Back Button → Expected: Navigate to Frame 1. Result: no response.

For non-interactive navigation button it works fine.

Hi, guys!
There is no reaction, so I made some investigations and have found some workaround.
The main reason of such behaviour is that button state is different from initial just before frames changing. To avoid this bug it is needed to return from hovered to initial variant before navigation. You should use “while pressing” and connect hovered variant with default inside component. The most important is that interactive change type should be Smart Animation. Instant does NOT work. The best time is 100 ms. I think it depends on typical “clicking” speed.
This workaround works fine both with “Back” bug and “smart Animation” bug I reported. It is not 100% stable, and there is no possibility to use third variant for “pressed” button. That’s why I think this is still bug (especially considering that 3 days ago everything was fine) and it should be fixed.

Hope, it will help someone.

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