Autolayout pixel grid misalignement bug persists

Why is this well known bug allowed to remain unfixed?

Does Figma think pixel grid alignment isn’t important?

To recreated, autolayout a number of elements in a container shoe positions cannot fall on a whole number when divided equally. Its basic arithmetic to fix this, and there is no case in which is should not be fixed.


Have you reported the bug before? If not, report it to Figma support team via the bug report form. However it’s not really a bug, this is expected behavior (although unwanted). To make sure your voice is heard, feel free to create a topic in Share an idea an idea category so other people with the similar feedback can vote for this to be fixed.

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It is a bug. Even when assets are the correct size and on the pixel grid it exports at one pixel wider or deeper than required.

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and we are now 11 months later and it keep happening.

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The original topic is about a different issue but you can read my reply here on the export issue and this topic might point you in the right direction too.