Autolayout on root frame is removed when switching size presets

I want to create screens for iOS and Android, which have different screen widths and heights. I use Autolayout a LOT for my work because it saves me so much headache, especially with duplicating screens.

What I want to happen:

  • I finish a screen for iOS. The root frame also has Autolayout.
  • Duplicate the frame
  • Click the “Frame” option in the right sidebar
  • Change the frame size presets to anything else
  • The frame changes size, keeping the Autolayout constraints

It removes the Autolayout that was on the frame and then resizes the frame.

One of the benefits I saw in Autolayout was to save work when transitioning between different device sizes. Was it intentional to have the removal of Autolayout on the root frame when selecting presets? If so, why? Is there a workaround?

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