Autolayout in component instances


This is something that has been getting in my workflow that I think doesn’t work as well as I thought it would.

There are certain components that its definition is mainly based on structure and auto layout. If we take into consideration a dropdown, for example, its component definition should be the dropdown background with a couple of dropdown items just so the designer would know the structure of the dropdown, and then would adjust the component to the use case in question.

However, if I want to define a dropdown component with only 2 dropdown items I cannot add any more in its instance, which is kind of a bummer because I want a component to be as generic as possible so the product designer can adjust them to their needs, and at the moment that’s not possible.

The “temporary” solution our team has found is to create the generic component, and then having a file with a UI library with every possible instance of the dropdown (because these components can also be reused in different files/features). This solution is not very scalable because if we have 50+ possibilities of dropdown it’s very difficult to maintain this and it’s really easy for that number to increase immeasurably.

It would improve our processes and lives a lot if it was possible to adjust component instances using the autolayout defined in the component, like adding elements, or even adjusting the autolayout properties

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