Autolayout Changes Component Positions

I have three components I need to stay right where they are, but when I click autolayout, they all shift around. The only solution I’ve found is to group them together twice and then hit A.L. (grouping them only once shifts them after A.L.). Any thoughts on why I can’t just position components and then A.L. without them moving around? Thanks!

Not sure what you mean. Can you share a screenshot to explain better what you want to obtain, please?

What it should look like:

What it ends up doing when I group “once” or click autolayout before grouping them twice:

Auto layout has a single direction property, vertical or horizontal, so to create something similar you need two frames, one for the text with vertical direction and another one for the entire object with horizontal direction (you can set the direction from the Auto layout section in the Design panel):

Another way to create something similar is to use a single frame with a vertical direction and set the absolute position (new feature) for the square and increase the left padding of the container:

Personally, I prefer the first solution, it’s more similar to what a dev has to do to develop it.

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Thanks so much for the response. Appreciate it!

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