Auto Layout Time Saver: Quickly switch between Fill Container / Hug Contents / Fixed

NOTE: There is a paid plugin that does this; I prefer that the main Figma app do this out of the box, no need to shell out cash.

Why not render those layout options as 3 toggle buttons, instead of burying them in a dropdown menu?

UPDATE: As mentioned by Don below: We already had one-click autolayout options before, but it was removed:



Check out the Pro Layout Panel plugin. While the native solution would be neat, I think the plugin is a great solution for now. And you can adjust every single setting in one click, not just these ones you mentioned!

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I tried it, but it has a 14-day trial. This is why I want Figma to do the enhancement as part of the product.

Me knowing that this is removed and not coming back any time soon is pretty much the reason why I started the plugin half year ago in the first place lol. Plus with the plugin, you can quickly assign tokens and various other bug fixes and improvements

OmG!! yes I can’t believe they moved the auto layout behavior inside a dropdown… sounds stupid me saying it but is way too much extra mouse movement and clicks, I loved the square graphic, I would always do it from there, it was way more intuitive.

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I agree, I am a big fan of that interface. It’s visual, as well as functional.


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