Auto Layout Shortcuts ⚡

A lot of designers use keyboard shortcuts to increase their designing speed. but when it comes to auto layout the speed decreases significantly since you have to use your mouse.
It would be awesome if there was shortcuts for auto layout Direction, Alignment and Resizing Options.

Currently free Alignment shortcuts are Alt+WASD, I Suggest Alt+Shift+WASD for auto layout alignment

what are other ideas?

I’d love to see shortcuts for hugging contents, filling container, etc. And: once we have those, give us another trigger that will propagate something like “fill container” all the way down (or up in upside down figma land?) to all the frames from the selected one. Fiddling with these controls is one of the slowest aspects of Figma. :wink:

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BTW I found a simple shortcut (not keyboard) for content hug it may be useful,
:zap: you can double-click on border of a fixed auto-layout to set the resizing to Hug Content.

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Thanks, @Alireza_Rahmani for sharing this. I am shifted to Figma from XD recently and sometimes auto-layout give me so much struggle. But this small trick will save lots of time in the future :hugs: :clap:

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