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Auto Layout not working properly on Mac

I’m having some issues with auto layout on my Mac. Last week I switched to macOS from Windows, and using one of my files, I noticed that auto layout doesn’t work as expected.
I checked the file and component structure, but everything looked fine, then I opened the same file on my Windows computer, and well, there everything is fine, it works as expected, but on my Mac it is broken and it’s really frustrating.
Has anyone experienced the same or knows what to do in this situation?
Any type of feedback is very helpful, thanks!

What does “auto layout doesn’t work as expected” mean? Please tell us more. And it wouldn’t be bad if you shared the video.

Sure, and thanks for your reply.
The problem is that, when I resize on my mac, the components do not respect the constraints and basically they broke, but while on the same file, but on my windows pc, everything resizes properly, so that’s my issue.
I’m going to share a video resizing a couple of components on my mac, but on the same file, on my windows pc (the green cursor) when I resize, everything is apparently okay.

You don’t have fonts which are used in the mockup available on Mac (yellow A? button at the top right corner), you can’t resize text correctly when you don’t have fonts available.

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Ohhh, what an easy fix, thanks a lot!