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Auto layout not resizing according to overriden text

Button is based auto layout, when I override the text, the autolayout frame behaves correctly, but on the hover state it doesn’t resize correctly. At first I thought maybe it’s related to nested components, but got the same issue with just two simple variants.

Hmm this might have something to do with me trying this on a project that originated on an account that I didn’t sign up for the beta on. I just tried it on my personal account and it seems to be working just fine.

Could you tell me which font you used? It looks a lot like this error:

I am using IBM Plex Sans from google fonts

On my Windows, it flickers only once when the tab is restarted. Looks like you have MacOS? Check with SF Pro Display font, same behavior as with IBM Plex Sans?

Same thing is happening to me on a button component. I have several themed variants each with different states, all using the same font (Effra). Only one of the themes has this issue.