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Auto Layout + Layout Grids

In your documentation, you say that Auto Layout cannot be used with Layout Grids, and the program reflects this (when you add either one, the other option disappears from the UI).

However, I was able to add layout grids to my auto layout today, one time, and then I was really confused because I couldn’t do it again. Well, I figured it out: you just select the layout grid(s) from another frame and CTRL + C them, and then CTRL + V them onto an auto layout frame.

And so, I just wanted to point out that this is possible, and while it doesn’t always make sense, sometimes its helpful just to have the visuals to see if/how everything lines up.

After all, Auto Layouts introduce an enormous number of possible layout schematics (how everything aligns, resizes, etc). I feel like excluding layout grid functionality from auto layouts is a mistake! Also, I don’t think reversing this limitation from the UI would be terribly difficult!

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