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Auto-layout - Issue with positions

Hi Figma Community!

Using the auto layout, I want to make my paragraph responsive and that my source stays at the bottom while moving the frame.

Either, the paragraph is responsive and not the source container, or it is the other way around.

I have been stuck for a couple of hours and I still cannot find the solution.

I made a short video to demonstrate my issue.

Thank you for your help!


What you need is basically an absolute-positioned element inside of an auto layout. Currently this isn’t possible without workarounds so I would encourage you to vote for this related product idea.

Counterintuitively, you need to wrap the whole card in a horizontal auto layout. Inside you need to put a regular frame that is stretched to the parent by height, and in this frame you put your absolutely positioned content. Note that this content will not affect the width of the whole card anymore. And as the second block inside of that horizontal auto layout, you put the main content, also in the auto layout. Now just play with some paddings and you are done. I just added this specific design to my Auto Layout Tips & Hacks file, feel free to duplicate and poke around:

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