Auto Layout bug - not possible to select elements after making the auto layout

If I am doing an auto layout in figma, and then I want to select elements in the layout it is not working as it should be, I mean by multiple clicking. I restarted my Mac, and also reinstalled the application, for some minutes I saw the normal clicking method with selection and after a time this bug came back.
Do you know any solution for this?
Also is it maybe related to the operating system that I use? (in this case we are talking about Mac 13/Ventura) I don’t get it why can a figma application change depending on computers and operation system, because I checked and in other computer is working.
Thanks in advance!

Hi there! Thank you for flagging this. This sounds like it could possibly be a bug, and we’d like our support team to investigate. Please file a ticket here with all the information you can recall (please also indicate if the issue happened in the browser or/and desktop app), and someone will be in touch:
Thank you for your patience!

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