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Auto Layout Align: Baseline

Wasn’t sure if there was a plan to add align: baseline as an option in autolayout. Would be helpful in circumstances where we have a heading and a smaller subheading next to it, the current auto layout alignment options create unexpected results with typography vs block-esque items. We usually end up making those frames, which causes some extra work + documentation for the devs on how to align it if they see a frame vs an auto-layout layer. Also causes some extra work on the designers end obviously, having to adjust the space between the two layers, adjust the frame size to hug-contents manually, and all the other minor inconveniences associated (like changing auto layout direction/etc).

Wasn’t sure if that was in the plan to add in in the future, or if I’m missing a simpler way to do this. Either way wanted to gather some opinions on how to do this a bit more automatic vs the framing, or hold on tight for a future update :slight_smile:


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