Aspect Ratio 3:2 on Microsoft surface3

Hi i am currently designing wit Figma on my laptop which has Aspect Ratio 3:2 on Microsoft surface 3 - a scale and layout of 200% (recommended) and display resolution 3240x 2160 (recommended). If I am using these settings and set my mobile Figma frame design width to 375px breakpoint, and my desktop Figma breakpoint width to 1440 is there anything else I should do before I hand designs over to dev? Any advice appreciated!

If I got you right – you have nothing else to do, as your personal display settings (resolution and scaling) have nothing to do with the frames you create in Figma for e.g. mobile and desktop.

As these frames are bound to pixels and not let’s say percentages of your display width.

In case I missed something or misinterpreted your question, please feel free to answer.