Asking to open in desktop app

Hi all.
I work on the chrome browser. Every time i enter a file, i get the dialog box that asks me if to open this in the Desktop app. No matter how many times i enter a file and uncheck the checkbox, it keeps asking me the same thing again and again. Extremely annoying…
Unless i am missing something, please tell me if i do, there should be something in preferences that i can uncheck and never see this again.
I have the Desktop app - if i want, i will open it :slight_smile:


Are you using incognito windows in Chrome? My guess is that is causing the issue (basically wiping away your preference check), but I am far from certain on this idea.

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I dont understand why if doesnt notify whne someone answers.
Thanks a lot! Yes, i am using incognito. So maybe you are right.

But still, regardless, its annoying and they should give the option not to deactivate it