As an admin or owner, how to add team-level editing permission to a user


I am the team owner for my organization, and I find my ability to set team permissions completely baffling. Specifically, I want to grant certain individuals team-level editing permission.

I have several members of my team with a permission like this:


And I want to change their access to this:


All members share the same email domain.

Here’s a clue: when I click on such a user, I see this as part of their status:


…even though they appear in the Members tab for my team. WTFF? Google doesn’t even know:

Does anyone know how to assign such an individual team-level editing permissions? I feel like I’ve exhausted my resources.

Oh - hey: I figured it out. I have to invite them to the team itself using the invite button at the upper right, and not just to several files in the team. Makes sense now.