Are you a line person or rectangle person?

Let’s have a chat, when you draw a line/divider etc, do you prefer to use pen tool or 1px height/width rectangles?

  • Line
  • Rectangle

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And why would you prefer that?

edit forgot to mention, I’m a rectangle person as well lol. Whenever I need to draw thinner line less then a 1px, I’d put a gradient with the same colour on both sides with one of them having 0 transparency. Although it’s a bit hard to maintain because you can’t immediately change a vertical line to horizontal by dragging from it’s corner :sweat_smile:

I just don’t like how pen tool works in vector drawing. Can’t deal with it’s anxiety that might look broken on some monitors.

I am a left-hand and it is more comfortable for me to draw a rectangle line. I do not know why, I am sorry, haha :3

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Rectangle all the way. You can have a single component and just resize it vertically/horizontally so there is no need for a second component.

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