Are there any shortcuts for positioning an image inside a mask?

I work with a lot of masked images. It’s important for me to place the image inside the mask exactly at the top or left of the mask. But the align tool only position the whole mask and image so to speak. Is there a way around this? It takes too long to drag the image to the exact spot.

Hi there,

Thanks for your post. Regarding shortcuts, it seems we don’t have one for this particular function right now. A similar feature you might find useful is “Show outlines”.
By default, Figma does not show the boundaries of a mask. Use mask outlines when working with complex masks or to check for unintended empty spaces.

To toggle mask outlines:

  1. Open the Figma menu.
  2. Go to **View **> Mask outlines.
    Alternatively, you can also access this feature through quick actions by selecting “show mask outlines”.

Once the setting on, masks in your file are outlined in green. However, if all layers being masked are hidden or have zero percent opacity, then the object’s mask outlines won’t appear.