Are the timestamps in version history missing for anyone else?

I can no longer see my timestamps in the version history, has this happened to anyone else? and does anyone know how I can get the timestamps back?

Just checked, I still have them.
You might just relaunch Figma. otherwise I have no idea.

I’m missing them too and restarting Figma didn’t bring them back.

@Desiree @Kelly_Jiang
May you provide a screenshot for how the panel looks like? and which plan are you currently on?

This is what I am currently seeing @Osama_Turki - I can only see the date but no timestamps. I am currently seeing this on the starter plan

Figma Desktop App version 116.5.18
It’s a paid plan, but I’m not sure which one.

It seams a Figma MacOs issue, you might try using Figma Beta or the browser version to check if the issue is there as well.

I’d suggest using figma beta.