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Apply stroke to only some sides of a box

The problem with the shadow hack is that it sends the wrong info to devs who inspect Figma see how to code the design (one of Figma’s selling points.)

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@Figma_Support, how does this not exist yet?


A big part of CSS based UI design is border specification on container elements.

Since frames act like containers, it is natural to want to specify the frame attributes in similar ways as CSS.

Today, I cannot create divider lines based on frame positions, because I can’t access just one of the 4 borders as I can in CSS.

Proposed solution:

In the frames property panel for strokes, add a modal toggle to allow independent border width settings for each of the 4 borders (top, right, bottom, left) - you could use the same UI as you have for setting margins in the auto layout property editor.

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If you allow to round corners separately, why not do the same for borders? Sounds like common sense feature to me.

And it doesn’t work if you have corner radii.

Nice! thanks!

Found this, should help us for now. Although you can’t change the weight or colour.

Border – Figma

@Figma_Support still waiting for this basic feature :slight_smile:

Waiting for this feature for almost 2 years at this point. Please consider bring the CSS border model into Figma.