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Apple Silicon (M1) support for Mac desktop app

I think people would appreciate if there was at least approximate time frame for M1 support release (like Q3 2021). @Figma

We’re working on this and hope to have support in the beta app soon! Stay tuned!


@Figma так, ребята, это не серьезно, когда будет поддержка для М1? может вы по-русски сможете ответить быстрее?))

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Any estimated release date?

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looks like they have no clue. It’s pretty astonishing case when paying users are waiting for software to catch up with M1 for 5 months. Saying ‘hope to have support in the beta app soon, stay tuned’ after 5 months of not shipping it, is totally useless information.

We’re paying users – give us what we pay for.

Зачем просить их отвечать по-русски?) Сообщением выше их менеджер написал, что работают и скоро выпустят бету

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Спасибо бро) чтоб мы без тебя делали!

Hey everyone excited to share a beta for all you Apple Silicon users! The download link is in this thread here:

Make sure to post any issues or questions in that thread. Thanks!


Figma does not run as smooth as it once did back in the day. Compared to Apple Silicon native apps like Sketch it really lacks behind in performance and it’s not a smooth experience anymore, especially on large projects.

I really wish for a native app for Apple Silicon, now that it’s becoming the new norm and since most designers are on macOS anyways, I feel like it should be out of the question to develop/upgrade the current desktop app for the new systems running M1 chips (and upcoming chips).

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Totally agree, my solution right now is to use it in browser but its def not ideal and a native app would be much appreciated.